Scouten Brook

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Forkston Twp., Wyoming County
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Difficulty: ✮✮✮✩✩    3/5 (Moderate)

Scouten Brook is located outside of Forkston, on State Route 3001. Parking here was tough, looks like a bunch of hunting cabins and no pull offs, so I had to hug the road as close as possible when I parked. You might be better off leaving the vehicle on SR 3001 and walking up the road.
I started near a log across the road, passed by an old rusted car and caught a grade going up the mountain, staying on the right side of the creek all the way up. Scouten Brook Falls are about 8 - 10 feet and you need to hike almost 1.5 miles uphill to see it, passing by several washouts that cut the path. Not the nicest fall for this type of hike, but it is still a fall nonetheless.

  • Waterfall can run dry, make sure there is water on the run before catching the grade up to see the falls
  • Not Handicapped Accessible
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Posted: 2014

Photographer: Raymond Chippa