Pigeon Run

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State Game Lands 13
Davidson Twp., Sullivan County
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Difficulty: ✮✮✩✩✩    3/5 (Moderate)

Pigeon Run is one of the tributaries to Sullivan Run and is located entirely on State Game Lands 13. There are 2 ways to see the falls on Pigeon Run, either by walking up Sullivan Run or picking up a path that will bring you between 2 falls on Pigeon Run. Either way, you will need to park in the parking area for Sullivan Falls at the directions listed above.
If you choose to walk the creek, follow the right side of Sullivan Run until the ledges start to rise up, forcing you to cross to the other side. The lowest fall on Pigeon Run drops in from the right side of Sullivan Run at roughly .5 miles. Most of the year, this lower fall is a trickle, so you may want to come after there has been a good amount of rain. To see the upper falls from here, scramble up the left side of Pigeon Run, keeping the creek on your right until you come to a path that will cross Pigeon Run. This path will also take you back to the parking area by Sullivan Falls if you head down the mountain.
Where the path crosses Pigeon Run, directly downstream is a smaller slide waterfall and upstream about 50 yards is another waterfall and a smaller shelf.
If you choose to walk the path to get to Pigeon Run, from the parking area, head back on to Jamison City Road and head north about .1 miles to a path on the left that will take you across Big Run and gradually up the mountain with Sullivan Run on your left. In appx. .5 miles, you will cross Pigeon Run with a waterfall upstream and another directly downstream. There's a small, faint path to the left after you cross Pigeon Run. Follow this and keep Pigeon Run on your left, you'll eventually have to bushwhack and scramble down to the base of the falls and Sullivan Run. You can either walk downstream on Sullivan Run or head back up to the path to get get back to the parking area.

  • Several falls, including a nice straight drop before Pigeon Run meets Sullivan Run
  • Use caution when hiking up Sullivan Run, there will be multiple stream crossings
  • Not Handicapped Accessible
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Posted: 2014

Photographer: Raymond Chippa