Hull Creek Falls

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Blakely, Lackawanna County
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Difficulty: ✮✮✮✩✩    3/5 (Moderate - Difficult closer to the falls if walking the creek)

Park across from the Swansee baseball field, you'll find lots of room for parking. Walk across the street and head to the left behind home plate to find the path. Follow the path roughly .1 mile to the creek and you'll find another path leading upstream. Follow this path roughly .2 miles to the fall. On the way upstream, on the opposite side, there is a large opening under the rocks and further upstream, there is a gate over an old mine entrance. There's a small, 6-8 foot cascade with a twin on the opposite side around a small bend and a larger slide above this. If you stay on the creek, the rocks can be extremely slippery, especially closer to the falls. If you follow your way up above the stream, you'll get a nice view from above the falls. Make your way back out the same way you came in.

  • Waterfalls, old mine entrance, possible smaller cave
  • Slick near the creek
  • Not Handicapped Accessible
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Posted: 2014

Photographer: Raymond Chippa