Choke Creek Falls

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Pinchot State Forest, Lackawanna County

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Difficulty: ✮✮✩✩✩    2/5 (Easy - Moderate)

There are multiple ways to access the falls, based upon what website you get your directions from. I was pressed for time today and decided to follow what I found on Bill Deaton's blog HERE. I still managed to get off track, but was able to follow some faint trails to get back where I needed.

Start at the parking area listed above and walk down the gated road. There is enough room across from the gate to park several vehicles. Do not block the gate. Around .15 mile, you will run into the orange blazed Pinchot Trail which cuts across the path. Continue on to what seems like a dead end at .3 miles (N41 10.468 W75 37.009). It looks a lot like a wilderness cul-de-sac, but on the right side, there is a faint path that will take you to a wide road at appx. N41 10.398 W75 37.010. Turn left towards the log bridge and take the path to the right directly before the bridge. This will follow Butler Run for a short distance before picking up Choke Creek and eventually leading to the falls at roughly N41 10.292 W75 37.086.

  • Easy to get lost on faint trails if not on the actual blazed trails.
  • Not Handicapped Accessible
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Posted: 2016

Photographer: Raymond Chippa